Does The Economy Have You Scared?

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If the sluggish economy has you worried then know you are not alone, not by a long shot. Unless you were born into money and have it dripping from your fingers you may be a little more than skeptical about the future. The stock market is a scary place, the 401K’s that you thought were very secure may not be like you had hoped. We will discuss here the old gold standard and the dollar fluctuation that is taking place currently.


This scenario fits a lot of people and it really should not be that way, you should have some real expectations that the money we all spent a lifetime earning and saving should work for us when we retire. People are working later in life than they expected due to the current political climate and the changes that Obama has made to our system. The main one was of course ObamaCare or the ACA (affordable care act). I call it anything but affordable for most and it by design is to take your rights away and take your money. Do you think that is right? The health care system in itself is a huge portion of our American economy and to turn it over to people in government who cannot even run a post office just makes me want to gag.

The reason I built this website was to be able to talk about IRA information and the benefits of investing in gold and silver. We can look at reasons to invest and what others are doing as we speak to make sure the life savings does not go down the toilet. Seeing the government policies increase the cost of living and health care really does send a chill down your spine. I know of a lot of people who are just praying they get through this administration and hope that the power balance comes back to some more safe and sane people. I sure do hope this occurs sooner rather than later, but in the meanwhile we have to cover our backsides to make sure we protect what is our ours and not what the government thinks is theirs.

Gold Coins Or Gold Bullion?


Not since the Carter years have I witnessed so much animus towards authority in general. The government took away gold coins decades ago and melted them down. I for one do not want to see this kind of abuse of power like we have been seeing lately. Which gold type would you prefer to invest in? Gold coins are cool and all but really old coins can have a market all their own with intrinsic values. Not just the gold content, these coins value fluctuate more readily. Bullion on the other hand seems to be what the gold price really is at the time of valuation in the market.

Would Returning To The Gold Standard Save Us?

Steve Forbes in a recent interview talked about both the return of the gold standard and even the subject of a flat tax was discussed. He spoke of the loss of standard of living over the past 40 years and how it was directly related to the move away from the gold standard.

“The undermining of the dollar,” Forbes began, “which has been going on for over 40 years, has led to a lower standard of living, undermined social trust and given far more power to the government.” 

The Federal Reserve has been playing a game with our money values in the market. It all comes down to trust and there was a time when the dollar had such a backing of trust due to the gold standard that people wanted dollars. With manipulation we lose face on the world stage and we stand to lose even more.

“When we had the dollar ‘as good as gold,’ as John Kennedy put it, people wanted the dollar because they knew it was something they could trust; that’s what makes money work- trust. And we have been violating that trust and when you have weak money, you ultimately have a weak country. There has never been a country that has sustained its strength and standing when it undermines its own money.” 

Mr. Forbes goes on to speak about the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but as older Americans may recall that this was one of the things J.F.K. ( President Kennedy) was looking at just before he was assassinated.  “The Federal Reserve has made it easier for the government to borrow, but made it much more difficult for small and new businesses, which are the job-creators of this economy.”


Do we need a major crisis to return the dollar to a gold standard?

It all comes down to perception and how you view the world economy. If you are satisfied with the current situation then do nothing, if not then it may be time to ask for help and advice on what to do next to protect yourself. One of the places that have that kind of help would be Regal Assets.

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